Killing it with CAPPA

A few weeks ago I did a shoot with my friend Carla for her new EP " CAPPA". She wanted to see if we could create some really cool vibey images that would fit the feel of her New EP. So, Carla and I found a roof top and walked through a few grimy allies to shoot these images. This image shown was taken in an ally in downtown Nashville. We found this dirty black board embeded onto a brick wall, and we used that as a backdrop. No lighting equipment was used at all. It was pretty cloudy that day so we had lots of soft natural light to work with. The editing process was really cool too beacuse we pretty much did it together. We put our brains together to get the perfect image, and I'm honored that she chose the image above as her EP cover. This was one of my favorite shoots I've ever done. Whenever I'm with Carla theres always chill vibes. I really loved the turn out of this image.